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Motion Grove | Band Bio

Motion Grove is a versatile original music band combining many genres stemming from roots reggae psychedelic blues rock. The 5 piece band consists of Sean Allman (vocals,Guitar) J.Lofty (Bass) Dr. Billy Ray Preston (Multi) A.Goodlet( Percussion), J. MacVoy (Drums). They are now hot on the road with their tour bus hitting festivals all across southern Ontario in 2012 such as Come Together, Red White Boom, Big Rock, Busch Stock, and more to come.

Motion Grove is known for their melodic blend of exotic percussion, rock, reggae and ska but also have some touches of folk and canadiana. The exotic and tribal percussion rhythms with accessible melodies equal a unique experience not to be forgotten!

Motion Grove (originally named Stone Soup) was founded when Sean met Jason "Lofty" Loft at a house party in London Ontario, deep in the dark depths of the student slums... Lofty actually happened to be playing bass at the party, jamming with a drummer... They formed a band combining their musical talents and the rest is history.

  • Motion Grove was nominated for "Best Live Band" in 2012 London Music Awards
  • First Albums Release: April 2013
  • 700th Like on Facebook : March 2013
  • Motion Grove Plays a show at Friday the 13th Festival 2012



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2012, Aug 17 |Live it Up - Friday the 13th, Port Dover Ontario

This was an amazing concert, so many people showed up it was super packed. Port Dover party friday the 13th!!!

2013, May 06 |Motion Grove on

Shawn and Adam from London's Motion Grove, live on 's Liquid Lunch show with Hugh Reilly and Sandra Kyrzakos. In addition to the interview, Shawn and Adam perform a few songs live-acoustic. In town with Ben G for Blu's party!!

Sean Allman   |   The Scientest

  • Instrument : Guitar / Vocals

Born: May 20 / City of Origin: Toronto / Blood Type: O
Sean's story begins when he first picked up his dads ol k-mart acoustic guitar. On rainy days when it was too shitty to go skating, Sean and his pals would experiment with music. It didn't matter what kind of music, be it house or hip hop, or joke folk.... Wasn't as fun as skateboarding, which was great until he we wrecked his knee attempting a BS (backside) TS (tailslide) across and down a ledge at the local skatepark...

Sean picked up his high school career, and pursued the sciences... He graduated from Fanshawe College and went to University of Western Ontario for one year, he studied English, History, Physics, Biology, and Anthropology... All the while, during the spare hours of higher education in London, Sean had another kind of education... Sean was writing songs and singing for his friends at parties and beaches, when Richard "Dreddy" Howard known from the popular band, Staylefish, suggested that Sean start a band immediately... and he did... only one year later after graduating from Film School...

Sean composed music for his own and others films whilst in film school and gained experience in studio environments... Sean is a excellent melodian and aspires to compose for movies and TV shows, but decided to create the band and that proved much more fun albeit demanding... And the story of Motion Grove continues...

Sean enjoys hiking, reading, photography and travel..

Adam Goodlet   |   Percussion Warrior

  • Instrument : djembe(s)

Growing up in a quiet village along the shores of Lake Erie, Adam began drumming at a young age. Climbing cliffs, hiking throughout forests and combing the beach mile after mile. The call of the wild was strong in this one and the rhythm of the universe was always present within him. However, it wasn't until a djembe was brought into his life that he was able to unleash these inner callings onto the unsuspecting public. An immediate link was made, and he never looked back, auxiliary percussion it was. A very special gift indeed, for when this hand hits drum its his very soul flowing through his fingers, a universal language communicated one beat at a time.

Playing in multiple bands during the adolescent years, he always knew music was the main focus in life. It wasn't until the acoustic folk group Too Much Unsaid came along that he was given the opportunity to tour Canada and get some balls to the wall musical experience under his belt. Still playing with the group today, more and more drums, shakers, chimes etc. are being added to the mix. The sound and stage presence is ever growing, and growing still.

Joining Motion Grove late summer of 2011, he brought with him all his collective experiences, a much appreciated element to the Grove's already highly commendable reggae vibe. With the band filling out it's sound and quickly gaining momentum the story has only just begun...

Adamn enjoys Women, Colors, The Universe and Tigers..

Jay Preston   |   The Wizard   |   String Ninja

  • Instrument :
    Lap Steel Guitar/Electric Guitar

Jay Preston is an eccentric, spiritually influenced, and veteran string enthusiast who’s been dubbed not only the Jack-of-all-trades, but master too. From shredding a guitar solo on his Les Paul, to playing a medley on the mandolin, or raising vibrations on his one-of-a-kind instrument “Zoey”, this passionate string player never ceases to intrigue and humble the crowd.

Jake MacVoy   |   Jake

  • Instrument : Drums

passionate producer, dedicated drummer, his personality is better than his golf game

Jason Loft   |   Lofty

  • Instrument : Bass

Jason Loft "Lofty" is a self-taught, artistically motivated and highly talented musician and his skill with the bass guitar still continues to blow minds at every show. Jason's musical career began in 1999 and later partnered with Sean to co-found Motion Grove. Combined with his talent for drawing and art, Jay is a force that packs a low frequency punch not to be reckoned with. Living out his days in peace now in the bright and beautiful beach scene of Port Dover, Jason Loft is steady creating waves and gettin paid, as they say. No stranger to danger, lofty enjoys other pass-times such as long boarding and cooking, however his true nature is always most appreciated during his live performances with the band, rocking the steady flow of reggae, rock and jazz styles which truly give the band a unique and full psychedelic sound.